Thursday, August 4, 2011

shae was busy sorry this is about 3 weeks late a new one any day

I am sorry there is so much time between each blog.  We have just been so busy I have been assigned to serve in the Rigby South Stake.  My companions name is Sister Clinnon.  She has been on her mission for almost 6 months.  She is a convert of about 3 years.  She has no support from her family who are practicing catholics.  I admire her strength to not let that bother her.  She knows what she needs to do and she is going to it.  Training has been an interesting experience for the both of us.  They started a new training, which happens to be completely different from the way she was in the MTC so I have had an opportunity to teach her as much as she teaches me.  I think it has been hard for both of us but we are getting better and adjusting.

I truly love the area I am in the members here spoil us like crazy.    I think that I am going to gain weight with all the food and treats they give us.  Almost any time we see a member they offer us some sort of ice cream or popsicle plus pretty much every person we know has a garden so we can have almost any produce we want because they always have more than enough.  My favorite is when we get a huge bag of strawberries.

oops I guess I didn't print out the whole letter so this is to be continued...