Sunday, December 4, 2011

I can't seem to get the pictures downloaded but they are soon to come.

Sandra from Chile

Hello Friends!
These last couple of weeks have been amazing for my companion and I! We have so much fun together and have been having some wonderful success. This last week we started teaching omeone new. Her name is Sandra and she is a senior in high school from Chile. Sandra lived in Idaho with her parents until she was 4 and her parents got a divorce. Her mom then moved with her back to Chile. Sandra always wanted to come back to Rexburg because she remembere the good feeling it had here. Her mom is a less active member so she had been familiar with the missionaries but didn't really know much about the church. She convinced her mom to let her come back for her last year of school. She lives with a woman in one of our wards who saw in a ward program that there was a girl from Chile that needed somewhere to live. Sister Zollinger saw that and knew she wanted to do it so she talked to her family and it all worked out. Sister Zollingers husband died of brain cancer a week before Sandra arrived. It has been a blessing for both of them to have Sandra here. We have taught Sandra twce and she is very recptive. She is reading the Book of Mormon and attends seminary. We are sooo excited to see what happens. She has defintely been lead to this point from Heavenly Father.
In other news we heard from Antonio. He is the big guy from Detroit who gets transferred a lot for work. He has had a lot of trials thrown at him and is currently on his way to Alaska where he will be for a while. So hopefully that means he will get to come back soon. We talked to him last night and he had another huge trial thrown at him. He was on his way to Alaska when he was rear ended by a drunk driver on the highway. He was going 70 mph and the driver was going 122 mph. He is doing alright but is a little shaken up and really sore. He recognizes it i just Satan at work. Please keep him in your thoughts. I love yall
Sister O