Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mom still trying to get this blogging down. Pictures promised by christmas

For some reason I got locked out of the account so that is why the delay this week.  I just thought you all might like to know something kind of interesting about Sister Johnson.  Sister Johnson is a convert to the church of just a few years.  She is from Tampa Florida which is where Kylee's brother Josh served his mission.  She was converted while he was in the mission field so they know some of the same people.  Sister Johnson remembers one of the Elders talking about writing Kylee.  It is a long about connection but is interesting how our lives can cross paths in so many ways.

Life is GOOD!

Life is GOOD! I am loving being Rexburg with my new companion Sister Johnson. We get along so well together and have so much in common. I think that helps us have a lot more success in our missionary efforts. We got some great news from one of our investigators this week. She decide to move up her baptismal date. She was going to be baptized on November 12 but decided she could move it up because she is ready. We had some almost bad news this week as well. We had Antonio (he is the one from the hotel who was getting baptized on the 8th) get transferred to New York unexpectedly. We were so upset that he wasn't going to be able to be here with his friends to be baptized. Then he decided he was just going to fly back here so he could. We were so excited, he had his baptismal interview before he left and we got special permission to call him every once and a while when he is gone. My favorite part of the week was being able to watch general conference. For those who don't know what that is, it happens twice a year. Instead of going to church we get to watch the prophets and apostles speak to us. You can watch it on TV, online, or if you are close to Salt Lake you can got there for it. We got to watch it with all the elders in the area. We made breakfast and all pitched in for lunch on Saturday. It was so nice to be with other missionaries. I loved all of the speakers, but I especially loved when they spoke about the power of repentance. We all have a wonderful opportunity to repent for our sins and come unto Christ, through repentance we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again, the only way we can truly repent is if we are baptized by the power of God.
I LOVE Y'ALL. I hope you are doing well! I would love to hear from you!
Love Sister Owens