Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kristen's story

I am still LOVING being in Rexburg! I have way too much fun with my companion and love the people we associate with. In the last couple of weeks I even ran into some of my best buddies KELLE AND QUINN! I love when that happens! It always makes my day. This week we weren't able to teach a lot of lessons because there is some sort of stomach flu going around. So we got to do a lot of service. We helped set up for a carnival at an elementary school and we were able to rake some leaves for an elderly couple. I love that we get to serve like that especially when I feel like it is in my own community.
This is a story about someone I have had the opportunity to meet and teach on my mission. Kristene Rose. When Kristene was younger she got married to Jeremy.  Jeremy is a member of the church, though he wasn't active, his family on the other hand is really active in the church. Throughout various times in their marriage Kristene listened to the missionary's. In January of 2010, Jeremy was working in Hawaii doing construction on the temple, when he was serevely injured in a construction accident. With out knowing all of the details, just that it was critical, Kristene asked for a blessing and headed to Hawaii.
Meanwhile, Kristene's old bishop, who is now in a stake Presidency, President Parkinson, had been struggling with health problems and was in dire need of a liver transplant. Upon arriving to Hawaii, Kristene learned that Jeremy wasn't going to survive through the accident. Eventually she decided to have his organs donated. President Parkinson ended up being the reciepent of Jeremy's liver. Over the past two years he has maintained a close relationship with the Rose family. As well as Bishop Siddoway and the rest of the Hibbard 4th ward. This spring the missionaries started meeting with Kristene and her youngest daughter Brindy. Everything was come and go for a while and taking things at the pace Kristene was most comfortable with. And in April Jeremys family had his temple work done. After the summer calmed down we started going to teach them again with our fellowshipper Sister Winn. The first night back Kristene said she had finally gotten her answer after all of this time! The night before we met with her, instead of watching TV or reading the newspaper, she read the pamplets we had been giving her the last 6 months. And she said her answer came while everything was just calm and quiet. Then we set plans for a baptismal date for her and Brindy. Originally it was for 11/12/11, but through the help of our fellowshipper it was moved up to 10/20/11. It was the most special baptism, and everyone is confident that Jeremy was on the other side just as happy as we were here at the Henry's Fork stake center! Many people from the Hibbard 4th ward were there for support, as well as many from the Rose family, and their old ward. It has been such a great blessing to know her and to feel of the great spirit surrounding her. I know the Lord has definitely been preparing her and she will be able to be sealed to her family forever. I love being on a mission because I get to experience and be a part of these great miracles!
Love Sister Owens

Just a side note;  Kylee's Great Grandmother is a Rose.  I sent her geneology and we will let you know later if they are related.  It is interesting how in these days the gathering of Israel happens. 

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