Saturday, September 17, 2011

Attack of the Goat

This last couple weeks the missionary work has been kind of slow. That is mostly our fault though because my companion was performing at our Zone Conference so we have been to a lot of  practices. They did an amazing job though and Zone Conference was awesome. We watched a talk given by Elder Holland that taught that we are missionaries forever. We also need to be converted to the gospel so we can teach it. I honestly don't know how I could share the gospel if I didn't believe. There is no way I could do this work without a testimony. There are so many sacrifices we make being on a mission that I would never do otherwise. I know that there is so much happiness in knowing that what I teach is true. I have seen evidence of it this last week. Even though it was slow we still were able to teach some amazing lessons. I think Heavenly Father planned what happen after Zone Conference perfectly. For the night before and after the conference we had the Yellowstone sisters staying at our apartment with us and on the last night after zone conference we went on exchanges. Normally the junior companion would go out with a senior but that didn't happen. So I got to go on exchanges with Sister Schaeler which was my companion in the MTC. I was so excited because O loved teaching with her soo much! Well when we went out we were able to teach a less active member who had been dealing with some hard things in her life. We were able to teach her the atonement and I know if it had been anyone but us she wouldn't have reacted the way she did. Between the two of us and the scriptures and pretty much just from God she could feel healing. She came to church that next Sunday!. I love having experiences of the Lord guiding in all things.

On a lighter a note I have a funny story. Yesterday when we got home from church our neighbors goat Oreo was standing in the yard. We had told the neighbor previously that she could bring him over anytime to graze in our yard. We figured this was the case until we realized he had no chain on. We fed him some newspaper and bread which are his favorites and then he got a little worked up. He started chasing us and tried bucking me once so we decided we should tell our neighbor. So we distracted him with some moldy bread and ran to the neighbors. Soon the goat was running after us and when he got there was trying to buck me some more. I grabbed onto his horns and was trying to keep him under control while my companion was knocking on the door. They weren't answering so she just opened the door and yelled "Sister Burt" Her husband had been napping, so we had woke him up. He came and took the goat off my hands and put him back in the cage. I was a little bit freaked but it turned out fine. OH THE JOYS OF BEING A MISSIONARY. I am so glad I have had this opportunity to serve. I know that my heavenly father loves all his children and I love you too!
 Love Sister Owens

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