Saturday, September 17, 2011

warm fuzzies 9/12/2011

When you are in the MTC they teach you how to conduct companionship inventory. For those who don't know what that is, it is a time set apart each week while you are planning that you and your companion sit down and tell each other what you are thinking about them, your relationship and your success. Most of the time it is when you discuss what is bothering you. So we were taught you say warm fuzzies and then you tell them what is wrong an then more warm fuzzies. So that is how I am going to do my blog today. Start with the good, deliver the bad, and end with some good.

 To start off my good news, I got a little suprise at a ward function the other day. I got to see my old roommate Randi, her husband and her little girl. When we first got o Rigby, her mother-in-law had dropped some food off for our dinner. I pointed out that I knew Randi and she told me Randi was moving into our area. So I had been waiting to see her and was constantly looking for her. When she walked in the room I ran across the room and gave her a big hug. It totally made my day.

So for the bad news...
We have an investigator that we have been trying to get in with ever since we got here. She kept forgetting appointments and we were about to drop her when finally we got to see her. She became very interested fast and wanted to meet with us at least once a week. She was so ready to accept the gospel or at least learn more about it. Then one day we had stopped in for a visit and she was on the phone. We over heard that she was on probation until March. For those who have been on missions, you know what that means. For others that means that she can't get baptized until she is no longer on probation. We called the mission president and he told us that we shouldn't teach her anymore, because she can't fully progress. So we had to drop her, we were very disappointed.

More good....actually great news.
WE HAVE A BAPTISM!! We have been teaching a 15 year old boy for the last month or so, he has progressed so much and has a great desire to be baptized. The first time we had a lesson with him he would barely even talk to us. Now he runs to us every time he sees us. His baptism is tomorrow night and we are so excited. He was introduced to us by the young men's leader in his ward which is where he had the lessons. This leader is such a great example as to how missionary work should be as a member in the church. He has been there every step of the way and has taught this boy everything he needs to know. It has been amazing to see this boy change and grow in the gospel. We have been so lucky to have been able to be a witness. It has been a perfect example of the joy and happiness the gospel can bring to your life. I am so lucky to be a missionary and bring others to that same knowledge.


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