Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank you g's diary

This week since Wednseday when we had transferrs has been amazing! I am loving my companion and my new area. I know that I was sent here for a reason. My companion Sister Johnson and I are already working so well together. We are on fire. This week have had so much success! I love that I am serving in Rexburg. I pass by Verizon and I get to see Calebs car, I saw this guy Kyle and his wife, and we get awesome deals everywhere we go. My favorite is when we go to G's dairy and we get free ice cream! The best part has been this new person Antonio we started teaching on Thursday. He is from Detroit and is here managing the hotel by Frontier Pies before it sells. We have taught him everyday since we got here and he is getting baptized on October 8th. The Lord has truly been preparing him to accept his gospel for a long time. So if anyone sees two Sister Missionaries going into the hotel know its me and my companion  and we are not up to no good.  I have soo much more that I want to say but not enough time! I love you all and miss you soo much! I want to hear all about your lives. Love Sister Kylee Owens
PS: I love life and this gospel! I have never been so happy to be a member of this church!

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  1. Sorry about the dislexia in the title quite a bit of difference from dairy to diary. Opps